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The Divide

The Divide Movie Poster

The Divide

Rated R, runtime 112 minutes


A nuclear blast brings together eight strangers looking to survive the fallout. Just 10 minutes after the opening credits, the rising tension between the cold-hearted building supervisor, Micky, and the rest of the characters literally brings down the roof on the basement where they’ve found refuge. Truthfully, none of these eight head-case characters are normal to begin with, yet they all have cliché dialogue. Anyways, to make matters worse, they’re threatened from the outside by, you guessed it, child-snatching scientists from the Department of Containment & Preservation.

In one swift, short lived escape attempt, the Jersey-boy survivor, Josh, seals the survivors’ fates, not to mention the audience’s, in the underground basement for who knows how long (pft, who needs little details like time when your movie drags out a tiresome plot for 2 hours making the audience feel like they’re really part of the process and even claw out their hair and eyes from sheer suspense?). Throughout the rest of the film, it’s like the screenwriter decided that any kind of rational feelings were best left written out of the script due to the lack of the actors’ capabilities. They all portray craziness pretty well; the characters turn into wild animals like on discovery channel, but with added rape scenes and amputations (in fact, I’d rather have watched a discovery channel show for 2 hours).

I had read other reviews prior to watching the film, and they had all been very positive. However, this movie had a very predictable story line, characters with no back-story, an overdone plot, a very slow pace, terrible choice of music, and just made me feel horrible at the end.

My rating: RatingRatingRatingRatingRating
Rotten Tomatoes: 25%


Lauren German … Eva
Michael Biehn … Mickey
Milo Ventimiglia … Josh
Courtney B. Vance … Delvin
Ashton Holmes … Adrien
Rosanna Arquette … Marilyn
Iván González … Sam
Michael Eklund … Bobby
Abbey Thickson … Wendi


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