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The FP

The FP Movie Poster The FP

Rated R, runtime 83 minutes


I really did crack-up on this one. “What’s a town with no ducks?” (KCDC) lol. If you love movies with corny jokes delivered in a very serious manner, lots of deliberate cussing by suburban gangsta wannabes, and hardcore trance music, watch this. The plot begins with a videogame Beat-Beat-Revelation (DDR) dance-off that ends with a beat-down. Rival gangs, one representing the 248, and the other representing the 245, dance-battle over Frazier Park (The FP) territory. When 248 leader BTRO is killed in the Beat-Beat-Revelation Omega Gangsta Mode duel, his brother JTRO has to find the courage to take back the FP for 248 and all those who are wronged by 245’s leader L Dubba E.

The hilarious journey takes JTRO through daring feats of willpower, testing his loyalty, beliefs, and perseverance. Along with his crew KCDC, a suburban, Asian emcee, and the mentor BLT, JTRO sets out to get street-cred and prove he’s N-I-G-G-A (never ignorant in getting goals accomplished) by taking on L Dubba E in a cage match to the death (well, something like that).

My favorite part about the movie is the setting of all the mayhem. No matter how gangsta or radical the characters may see themselves, they all live in a suburban town where the biggest problem is a meth addiction due to lack of alcohol. Apart from that, the subtle humorous differences in the movie that set it apart from similar comedies really made it stand out, and you’ll know what I mean when you watch from start to finish. The story had drama, romance, action, and lots of interesting character backgrounds. The music kept the film moving at a very nice pace as well. I stumbled onto this movie after reading very bad reviews about it, but it turned out amazing!

My Rating: RatingRatingRatingRatingRating
Rotten Tomatoes:  42%


Jason Trost … JTRO
Lee Valmassy … L Dubba E
Art Hsu … KCDC
Caitlyn Folley … Stacy (as Caker Folley)
Nick Principe … BLT
Brandon Barrera … BTRO
James DeBello … Beat Box Busta Bill
Bryan Goddard … Sugga Nigga


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