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Men in Black III

Men in Black 3 PosterMen in Black III

Rated PG-13, runtime 105 minutes


J and K are back in black with a whole arsenal of surprises and extra-terrestrial ass whoopings. Tommy Lee Jones (Agent K), however, looks like he could use a time machine to sand off some of his wrinkles, and who better to help out than 44 year old Will Smith (Agent J) who’s still got it going on. With the Earth in peril at the hands of the Bogladytes, and K’s archenemy Boris the Animal (It’s just Boris), J takes a leap of faith into the ’60s to save K from a horrible fate. Once J settles into his swingin’ social vibe, he and the younger K (Josh Brolin) look for clues to the whereabouts of the ArcNet, a device that will save the planet. Now, I guess the ’60s aliens aren’t that different, except they’re square with giant antennas– wait, nevermind, those are the televisions.

A young alien named Griffin, who has the super-awesome ability to see infinite possibilities into the future, is the key to J’s mission, not only to save his partner but to find out secrets in the universe that only a time-machine can uncover. When J and K stumble onto Griffin at a fashion shindig, they’re attacked by ’60s Boris the Animal, and the Men in Black don’t rest until the ArcNet is safely launched into orbit to protect Earth from more big-teeth Bogladytes. Together, the three get into a mess of trouble and learn lessons about friendship, trust, and their place in the scheme of the universe.

I have to admit there were some old jokes included in the script that weren’t as funny as before, but looking at the bigger picture of the whole movie, anyone can deal with those few corny moments. As usual, the variety of aliens were the spotlights of comedic moments along with the slapstick, wise-crackin humor portrayed by Smith. The main plot wasn’t that interesting; definitely, there weren’t as many man vs. alien stand-offs as in the last two movies. However, there was a lot of character back-story that had a sub-plot of its own, and many characters from previous movies felt more “real” now that the audience was taught why those characters were important. Men in Black II is still my favorite, but this comes in second place, for me personally, in the franchise.

J and K

My Rating: RatingRatingRatingRatingRating
Rotten Tomatoes:  69%


Will Smith … Agent J
Tommy Lee Jones … Agent K
Josh Brolin … Young Agent K
Jemaine Clement … Boris The Animal
Emma Thompson … Agent O
Michael Stuhlbarg … Griffin
Mike Colter … Colonel
Nicole Scherzinger … Boris’s Girlfriend
Michael Chernus … Jeffrey Price
Alice Eve … Young Agent O


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