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Envelope Poster


Rated PG-13, runtime 17 minutes


Dedicated to the Russian writer and publicist Evgeniy Petrov, Kevin Spacey (Evgeniy) stars in a unique drama that pulls in your heart. Evgeniy had a unique hobby of sending falsified letters to strangers, and had collected return letters from around the globe. Anxiously waiting for his return letter from New Zealand (the finishing piece to his big puzzle), it took more than 3 weeks until it arrived with a mysterious memory written inside that Evgeniy couldn’t recall; he replied with an apology for the misunderstanding. During that time, Evgeniy’s bitter and disloyal neighbor, Pavel (Anthony Skordi), who needed a promotion, brought a military counter-intelligence lieutenant to Evgeniy’s doorstep because of the questionable, falsified letters.

Evgeniy never got to read the final reply letter from New Zealand that filled in a missing part of his life.

The dramatic, short film is one of 3 distinct films that star Kevin Spacey in supporting ‘film talent of the future’ as part of the Trigger Street Productions Presents Jameson First Shot competition. The films, including Spirit of a Denture, Envelope, and The Ventriloquist, were the three winners of the competition and have been released on youtube.

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Rotten Tomatoes: N/A


Kevin Spacey … Evgeniy
Alanna Ubach … Tanya
David Meunier … Lieutenant
Anthony Skordi … Pavel
Cody Caira … Lieutenant’s Assistant


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