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Spirit of a Denture

Spirit of a Denture Poster

Spirit of a Denture

Rated PG-13, runtime 9 minutes


Argh! Look no further for ye Spirit of a Denture fer Kevin Spacey get a tooth ter prick with ye. The movie opens in the dentist’s office with a spaced out Spacey (Dr. Middling), the dentist, drooling over a rare sea-vessel near the docks, while his concerned, attractive nurse, Beatrice, tries to invite him to lunch & drinks. A moment later, in a strange turn of events, a real-life pirate shows up in Dr. Middling’s dentist office with a set of grinders that makes his stomach turn.

You know what they say? Give a pirate a toothache, he’ll have it looked at; show a pirate a needle, he’d rather die from gum disease. Is that how it goes? Pirate Jasper Crow (Brian Thompson), the strange visitor, looks for Middling’s aid, under one condition: no needles. Spacey and Thompson set sail for a really funny 9 minutes of unconventional dentistry and a surprise ending.

The comedic, short film is one of 3 distinct films that star Kevin Spacey in supporting ‘film talent of the future’ as part of the Trigger Street Productions Presents Jameson First Shot competition. The films, including Spirit of a Denture, Envelope, and The Ventriloquist, were the three winners of the competition and have been released on youtube.

My rating: RatingRatingRatingRatingRating
Rotten Tomatoes: N/A


Kevin Spacey … Dr. Robert Middling
Brian Thompson … Jasper Crow
Sydelle Noel … Beatrice
Sandra Marshall … Mrs. Patmore


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