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The Ventriloquist

The Ventriloquist Poster

The Ventriloquist

Rated PG-13, runtime 10 minutes


A lifelong friend, or your conscience, what do you cherish more? Could you lose one to save another? What if they were both the same? Kevin Spacey (Frank) stars as a ventriloquist without fortune, fed-up with the spontaneous ideas of his (alive) puppet, Mr. Higgins. After a tiresome day, Frank’s timidness leads to an argument between him and Mr. Higgins, who just wants the best for Frank. The morning after, something changes that leaves both of them short.

The dramatic, short film is one of 3 distinct films that star Kevin Spacey in supporting ‘film talent of the future’ as part of the Trigger Street Productions Presents Jameson First Shot competition. The films, including Spirit of a Denture, Envelope, and The Ventriloquist, were the three winners of the competition and have been released on youtube.

My rating: RatingRatingRatingRatingRating
Rotten Tomatoes: N/A


Kevin Spacey … The Ventriloquist
Erin Cahill … Stephanie
Mike Dirkesen … Big Guy
Patti Allison … Older Woman
Brownyn Cornelius … Woman at Bus Stop


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